J&T RENTIER A2, Basic data

J&T RENTIER A2, souhrn dat
Abbreviated name of the fund  J&T RENTIER A2
The official name of the fund  J&T Rentier Fund Class A2 EUR
ISIN MT7000024865
Registration No. 

Authorization for the activity Feb. 20, 2019    The form of PC / share registered
Beggining of operation March 18, 2019    The form of PC / share to name
Region global    The nominal value of PC / share (CZK)
Type of fund balanced    Current number of PC to June 10, 2022  
Standard / special standard    Current additional charge
Investment objective bonds, stocks    The maximum additional charge at PC issue 4.00 %
Last statute update    Current reduction 0.00 %
Minimum initial investment  1.0000 EUR    Maximum reduction for PC purchase 0.00 %
Each additional investment 1.0000 EUR    The management fee  1.50 %
Permitted investments abroad    Current distribution additional charge

The Management Company  J&T INVESTIČNÍ SPOLEČNOST, a.s. , company's funds
Custodian  Swissquote Financial Services Malta
Auditor  KPMG Malta

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Basic data, page description

The page offers basic information on individual mutual funds - the exact name, date of beggining of the operation, type of fund, the minimum investment amount, the amount of additional charges and reductions, the Asset Management Company, the custodian, the auditor, etc. Click the name of the Asset Management Company to activate the page Current rates with a view of data relating to the investment company and her managed funds.
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